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thisot youfaer's publan pty, e. atev. th gre thi about joe biden is, he is at least self-aware, right? he said, i'm preaching to the choir. heas pachi to eoir. eecteverying i mea the nexhingashey' reasinthe eounds ithe stre ofbirmgham i mea the unds me . seriously? it ain't 1963. >> i don't know. i thought it was pretty good. >> i love joe. >> keep that chairieroing the. we he atherice present, a fmerice esidt,nhe ws cing . wi u on the set, exetive edit at rdom hoe,ulitr pre winng historian and "time" magazine contributing editor jon meacham. >> need to say that with a little more respect and drama. >> yeah,. chaian othe utsc corpated dny desch. thers whe al myespe go. myovflow wh,righ doy? >> . >>ou arespt. yea >>ormer governor of vermont and former chairman of the democratic national committee, howard dean.
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>> heo, ward >> heo, mik >>onatn, etor itinfor "t wasngtopostand nbc ntritor d fi-in on "wa too rly"nd bo do u bri ur o spealuch. >> mika -- >> yes, joe. >> i hate to interrupt. this is early this morning, this is your show. >> right. >> i have to say, ieave tn and erytng gsd. lo at jatha ceharhis moing. m soy, jothan inow tt metis yo goto mix this up. t the powder blue and the green handkerchief. >> what? >> explain that to me. just donett. >>hat reouhinkg? >>luend grn. mean- love it. theay, at pasur hangonatnhe. m not t butt of the fashion focus. >> great. >> so i happen to like it a lot. >> 6:03 i wldn' spihat ballyet. >>ou'r not use t sing bluendreen togeer. yodoot lk up at t sky? mea com on >> a rig. >>duca us
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this is an intesti fact we'll do ts later. i'm sorry, mika. it's your show. >> is all right. >> he is a fashion plate. i found i aurio lectn. th is om a g tt wks oundith [ iudib ] a da >>e'reeveling ashi gmenwithvend we'ring jonaan o for that. it's not ready yet. >> okay. >> from washington, msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee, joe, you're t ale, micel sele he wit ushis morng. >>hereou , jo i'mithu, babe >> gd t heyo les g to e ve esidts. m gogackooe ben becae he g suc war reception, maybe not from joe scarborough, but yesterday, at the naacp convention in hoton, a y afr mi romy dresd thsame auence bidetook the oortuty t pat aery cle picref whatheupre cou wound up lking le uer aomne presency >> imagine wthe rney juste dertme wl loo
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li. imine en henio adver cstitionaissu is bertourq. imagine, and i mean this, this to me is one of the most critical issues in this ecti,magi wha t supre cot wilook le afr fou yea of romn priden. folks, this election in my view is a fight for the heart and soul of america. >> iikedatchg yo facas hepoke >>lien, iove rert urqu bris up robert bork, seriously, we're refighting the battles of 1987, 19. jon acha i'm riouisse to li a bit ofn - histical, ait on erreh her ae sing everody use this naacp
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convention to play to their base? >> precisely i think that's right. romney had sort of an inic baselayi toother st oftepreved, b thi th -- to m mi,e, y kn, bin -- nobody's better at it right now in politics than biden at sort oflayi thi avy,ore soow,orehan ger,obodis a bter knigs o cumbuinner spear th bide >>t's tr. den s -- this is wildest, hocus-pocus in washington about let's take biden off the ticket and l this kind of stuf noense the ys on fi. rit. he conctsith the be a th wteorki cla peoe ichbama h tuble th. he faasti and atas a gre speh by joe biden. he raises all the issues, after listeninto him, i wouldn't be surprised if weid sonno onhe tiet. 's sll u f the ve priden, rit? >> iustant tohallgene
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ing, howa. i ree, he cerinly cnect withhese. he connects with african-american voters. he connects with white workg-cls, blue collar vors. lovjoe. that why we lovjoe. theame me, spee lik th, thou, oft gs whi workg-cls vors rling thei es, sayg ce on n, as joe biden says to himself, come on, man, this ain't 1963 and don't try to pai false chois. joesome wayt i63p pp at ty're doi witotin suppssioishockg. >>ome . >>t is shocng. 780,0 peleil be igib to te in pesylvia aa relt of what the pennsylvania republicans passed. this is not a joke for african-americans in this country en you sta taking aw the rhts te. th is whaoter spreson aim ,ispacsnd afcan-erics prcipay. wha washe obampai's explatio-- no, i want to go to michael steele for a second here.
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>> yeah. >> michael, when you start hearing democratsalki abo publans yingongag i vote suppssiof cose t ideahat a amecans prent a pho i.d wh the go ito vote, to a process that has always scared the lel out of me -- hell out of me, fars th votghen u jt s abody comgn gohat'me a the tyote d sh a ca, youook at the statticsndhe d't bea ou theemocts' facts. regarding, for instance, the voter i.d. and showing a photo, the perntag areo sll a ye you hr j bid o hard de lk, and thieall is, ote,19 all oragai >>we, i . yoknow, qte frany,'m si of it it'sust ld orap at this point. i'm so tired of this every election cycle we're going to roll back the clock, republicans are going tourn backhe clk. yoknow,ouookt tligh ofhe bckcounit it' not queson o rling bac t
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cloc the ockasstped. anthis admistrion fed wi 14.4% unemployment within the black community and it's not addressed effectively, not addressed the recidivism ra, drug aicti ra, as fectn tes. he hn't addssed t sysmic sues wh reect tho ingshat we taldbout earlr inis admistrion at hwoulandl o at ast begin to address within the black community. so then to have joe biden roll up into the naacp, you're rit, you' preachingo the cho ansame oldnoense loong backrds. ll uhowou'roing t adess e curnt proems th a affting thi commity. n't rry so mh abo mt romn. he had his moment and he took his lumps for that. w tell us, joe biden, barack obama, wts the bck mmuny lo likfourears fromow if gennothour yes to aress somf th very iues tha yo younow, talkbout rolng bk t cloc . soor m i was just a bunch of noise and i'm tired of hearing it. >> want to get to dick cheney, but donny and then jonathan on
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this >> t queions firsof a i fdt fainatg myoodrien miael eeles taing abo e oba pele a nalki abt th nex fr yeaor thblaccounit hav't sn mt roey tk about e next four years for the black community, white community, hispanic community or any other community. secondly on flippingnd kin of poinng m finr a the oth si, wh was thebama campgn'sxplationf w he sott t acp. >> hs t predentf th unit stas, hhas ell of a loofhing to . >> but there had to be something better than that. was it a calculated decision for the african-americapresiden to notepeakg that coenti? >>ut tnferce i you esti is tha theresint s ner spono them the acp d tt'sothe ce. >> right now coming the day after romney. does it to the american public, was it strategic decision to not be there? >>tratic ithe sen tha u wa- >> y kno wha imean >> t rol of e ve pridenis t gfter the otheguyho's athe topf thtick.
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th rol of e nberwon th tkets go after the principal on the over side. you want joe biden too to the acp d give what is a red me secho th be bause he cay aot othin tha the predentondin noand ouldt sa it aows theresint tbe statesman like? he sent a taped message. >> he did a taped message before joe biden spoke. if you lookt threacon b thnap crowhey wen't setoe ben w ere. whene id, u kn, in colusi, thooed h becae th speh was over. they wanted him to keep ing. >> never happened before in joe biden's political history. >> i'm sure he stayed for aong time. okay. t'seto dic cney ter rvinunde friffent ite useadnistti dihene ieighg i o wh tef predent h this mittomnewoulbe. the former vice president joined romney near his home in wyoming for a private fund-raiser of just over 200 donors and gav stro endseme of romn,
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yingquothen ihink o wh kinfndivual wan theval oicenhat mentfisisho ho ke tse k decisions, some of them life and death decisions, some of them decisions as commaer in chief who has the rponsilitfor sendg se o ooung m andomen intrm's wa tha mans mt mney accoingneomne de, eepubcan nomee raid another $4 million last night. jon meacham? >> there were a lotfeo con on t fen befe lt nit anthatakesare thi >>kay. >> tking abo t g t jos qutioneverody takg ca of e ba. th's wt y dn th suer. hyperbole is the order of the day. i don't think any of this helps with the independent voters who will be key in fiv oix stat. >>kay. m gog to mov o tobain thissnoth bigtory tt's mang aot owavethis morng. mittomnes caaigns workg to fen off a wave o gati stories about his
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tenure at the financial firm bain capital. a "boston globe" article say roey w sti lisd as t execive t comny thr yes afr hi repted depaure den1999. the globe found nine s.e.c. filings submitted by four different entities after february of 99hat desibe roey abain pitas boss somehow him whanagia contl ov fiv bai capal entieshat weormein nuarof 22. romney hasepeatedly said he is not responsible for bain's business dealings after 1999 and th is iorta becse it es onosay,nd suldn be amedor t firs decio tolosemerin facries a moobsoveras. s caaign preed the gbe foa retraction. calling the article, quote, not accurate. nevertheless, the president's re-ectioteams pouingn e ise. obam depy cpaig maner
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stepnie tterayshent mes tohe mt rect indenttheispaty i t das mae a deraoffee. >> either mitt romney through his own words andis o signure s misrreseing s posiont baiohe e.c.whicis a feny,r h wamieprentin his pitio at bn tohe amecan people to avoid responsibility for som of the consequences of his investmes. and if that's e se, i he s lngo t arica oplethenhat' aeal charter d trt ise. >>romn's cpaig was trag,reonding, quote, president obama ought to apologize for the out-of-control behavior of his staff which demeans the office hehos. caaignare supsed to ha fout b stament lik the bytephie cte belile troce andhe candate who behf sh work joe,hy don't you takit from here? >> well, it's a -- sounds like a
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fascining sty. doy utsc i guethe boom o-- i mea the qstio that ringhe, we d't knowhatuchbout i y causthers gogo be t mo reptingnit, but this is a question of whether the guy is telling the truth or not. forget the leliti,ingor the e.c. fings,his is esti abo ise sin one thinto tubli a doi anher ing pratel thisactuly, u kn, i' alwa knoing wn aotf stories about romney, this actually sounds like a fascinating story and a story they nee to knock down fairly qukly. >> ts habeen a horric, horric wk formney th a tofhore accots, go t is thi auy c trt? is i -- we've talked a lot over the last few months the bain capital atck, is it useful, smart, a it she fountionorayin y, it, thiss no onl ric guy, becae mi blobergs aich
6:14 am
y,fkas ricy, is ts one hose ric gs tt i shady along the lines, has got offshore accounts, that, you know, doesn't -- and i have to tell you, this is dastang uff. reay, rllyelie it thisas bn tremdous, emenuslyad wk f mney >> j meacm. onenterting thi thi morng fotrue inside baseball is the story about bain around a-13 of the "new york times" in print which is an tereing ll. no "thbost glo" heed eak . the's waysome- the'sat. a od poin >> tre's aays that but michael steele, if you were in the romney campaign this morning, how would you be feeling? >> aittlit ccern beuse i thi to bh doy's int d jos qution abo e inrestg nure of ts sty, yon't wt a sry li thi to be interesting. you want this story to go away.
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and they've not done a gdob of getng tsgo. anthe rlityf it, a 's a ver ct-bed queson, yore eherherer y weret. yofileaiece of per that said you weren't, but there's a piece of paper that said you were, so it's a very fact-bas analysis here thathe repting nncov andt' arobl tilheyet in fntf i andhey' nn frof it t. iso inrestg, i ingoaysomeing, rk perry, prophetic? >> what? >> no pathetic, propheti criticized romney f hisork atain capal din the repuicanrima. ta a lten thisonatn capert. the's a rl dferee beeenentu capalis and vutour pitasm vente capitalism we like, vul tour capitalism, no. the fact of the matteis he has to face up to is asome time anoer. >> oka the youo. anyou ntedo jpin >> t queion ias gng to askicharoe or aone oundhetae, w hn't
6:16 am
mitt romney gotten an answer ready for this question? for the tax returns question? i mean it's not like he didn't knowhis soing toome up. thi isis aille hee and theris n ansr tthe t retu queson. e fa is y lkt h tax turnhere are gngo be ymanslan vestnts, a swiss bank account, there is going to be years he probably didn't pay any taxes. this is a disaster. donnys right abo this th goe tthe art why youo o d nototeor sobody thishing thi is -hat e was talng aut is rit, is i a facal pblem and ctua -- and michael steele, he has a paper at the s.e.c. that says in2002, that he was the chief exetiveffic of ba capil. my dersndinof t cef ecute ofcer at'sho ns t comnynd he's nyinhe rhecoany. 's aost impsibl t sl th n mter whatou s wn you're romney. >> so, almost impossible to sell this, let's ask joe and then joe, y take it to the panel. how do you handle this? es ielea the taxretus?
6:17 am
ist heoing to he to? >> 's goi t hav t fure out i mn 'soing tave toxpla any docents tha he had any control of that suggests that he was a ceo of bain capital. it'shat mplef he n teing uth c't elain ths.e. fings- h sai four enties. who e the? w mu conol deave er tse titi? d the eityut mitt romney at the top? i find it hard to believe they would, but those are the questions if i as aepubcan thatooke attori bron agnstepubcan ndides th spticm dungn ecti yeaook thiand , hu wonder what that's about, that's a problem. i also -- this is really quickly, just want to say one other thing, wan toderle at hard an ys. e aille hl of mitromn the filgrheelea o hiast t rurns becse
6:18 am
maybe the cayman islands, because of the swiss bank accounts. i ink, i think, mika, more to e pot, the me a f yes bactherhere mit roey,he guyorth $300 llio $400 miion,aid nothg itas. ihinkhat' wt ty're real afrdof. that's painful. >> for the long run. >> donny? >> i would love to ask everybody around the table a human gut qutionforg reblic, mocr, nsertive liral, as han bein asuman w vo fnoth hum beg, wh you hrll thiuff,t the end of the day, do you really feel this guy is an absolute straight shooter? and you just don't in your t. uust- >> askicha stee tt queson. micel, st a man, rgetepubcan >> i kno the resof t tae -- >> le i kwot of ric ys, t lfichguys you feel something here. i think the american voters feel this. >> okay. bill clinton. >> michael, what do you think? >> no, i tnkhere a rl elemt the th,agn, rs
6:19 am
at pple a it s pt of e prarypress. thi wnou lkt thi sue,ou lk ahe heah care issue, these types of achilles' heels need to get resolved by this team very quickly whichs wou'v had meepubcans inuarts y, ty neo loo at reacinsomef th fks o thiseam et a ltle arpeand betr a hdlin ese ings >> u ne,olito unves thr 5 politicos to watch as we approach the election. we'll get an exclusive first look at the list next. also ahead, "thwashgton post" eune robion, preew "et t pre" wi dav grory, piticnaly riard lfe, andromheit oerie rue bld"hris bauewille here. first, bill karins with a check on the weekend forecast. bill? >> good frida to you, ka. ou naon'sroug ror cam in yesrdayand,f cose, 's bn hot, iseen y. thdrout connueso expd acro the cotry. th rnine he rn but no whe w nd .
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these areas knnear hoton, aumo connueshis rnin a coueoreloudodayut rm uer 8o l0s te day. chce ohundstorossiy ne pisbur. evywhe in e soheashas a chae of aftnoonorms let me take you through your weekend forecast. it will remain very warm just about everywhere with a chance of swers and storms in man locaons,ut i don eect loof washts. yo ticalmmerme, te ternn stms a the sam goesor suay. alough thi if y're arou nework ty, psibl ev down to philadelphia sunday, youay get much needed afternoon rain. but the's really no relief in sight forhe nationwide ough eeciay fo colado rougllins andian u'reatchg "moing e." cenris cloy sta i w yo cit bred by starcks.
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's teo te a lk at the morning papers. actually that's what we're doing. "the wall street journal," china released new enomic nbers showing growth has slowed t its westeveln thr year gdpor theeconuart a 6%. e doturn was n expted t itoesoint to ctinu struggles in the global economic recovery. capeheart. >> in the "new yo daily new" rerts at ti far in n yo citis aut to up yeerda the ting lousi prov a 17 farncree sttingepteer 1st among th changes is the fixed price between jfk airport and manhattan jumping from $45 to 2. > ahd inhe show inse rade gazi's intviewith pridenbushndhe fmer firs lad n nrly 20ears nceheyeft the white house.
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i look forward to reading that. also in "parade" a few words from me and joe about summer vingrom e's myamil vacaons t brzinskroad ips ine. i t hes a nerus hing nervous breakdown about that. >> didn't you read allowed from foreign affairs around the cafire >> ibetwn puing erhe de of eoad aetti aten i'm seous,tual. >> elain a lotboutour reer choices. sorry. >> this is true. >> did i say that out loud? >> yes. >> andnatially >> werove myotherazynd shwoulpulln t se of e ronde wodet beat. >>hat ulderit bting >> wt wod mit being? orgeing w the polish prime minister was. >> good morning, mom? >> no. we were terrible. werhorrle. dadas ithe ite hous weent aoluty ber shg.
6:26 am
reeteeners. n yomagi myoor ther >> eeciay gieenars are more simpler. >> it was two boys and a girl. >> you were the ring of terror. >> when you say beating. >> i mean a beatg. ey gbbeds by t hr and lleds o othe c a be us somemes childesees that >> yr faer w kwn as ld w ha,o - >> yes >> tsxtend to family discipline? >> it was really rough there for a few years. my brothers are tough. >> i nraid >> w cou do ts in 50 mites. >> er thk aeenaroesn servaood bting metis? >>no. >> there you go. joining us with the political playbook it's vandehei. how are you doing? >> don't souo dn delited. gooto s u. areou horfied abour coersaon he? bet youe t perct rent? >> iryo be gd- prey od pant. no beatings? >> i didn't hear your conversation. >> politico is out with their 50
6:27 am
politicos watch issue so who's on the list? ll cng the sject refuy. we ve a bch of difrent groungs olks tha peoe shld wch, pticurly thyearahea d we lk athe sond term if obama wins the race. a couple people are susan rice, ambassador to the u.n., who would he a big -- figur prineny inoreiolic in the secd tm of an oma adnisttion we he oer fol leen sakiothe fks tha mig not be household names, that would figure prominently on the counication side. presidenobama said yesterday his biggest mistake not bng a beer orytler t te. wouike t upaden the commicatns se in a secd rm. ose e tholksn thebama side if rney re to win, there's a bunch of people to watch, but beth myers in particular, somedy you should watch today because she is a person who's leing eearcor t vic presenti pic a lg-ti nfidt, one o
6:28 am
oeopl reay cle,otal trted by the romney family. she would have a huge role in any administration and i think her role right now is bigger than ever. a lot ofalkhis moing, arti frothis imn the udgeeporabouwhoight be th pic ofondiiceccorng to ddge s medp tthe p ofhe lt. >> talk about condi in a second. meacham stuck on this page. eva longoria. >> hispaniift. >> tse a tollyod plers. at'sachas se. hat'righ ve, ve -- he uldn turthe ge. condri,hiss an tereing ory. topping the list, close to the top of the list? how good is the info on that? >> i don't know. i'm trying to rea that one causmy toryn tha mig itas leadut b the roey fks yterd t tryo ta aittl bit ofhe tentn awrom e bn ory ne. everhinghat we' bn arinis is pawnty or portman or somebody safe and prictable. rice would, obviously, be
6:29 am
somebody if you want to bring some ectrity a divsity to t tick, b oocia sues e's squisn th es o coervaves. rd tmagi auy not tha well liked by conservatives will pu a moderate republican on the ticket. seems a little risky for a risk adveeanditeikeitt romn. >>im, woun'tnothacto be whyry to retiga the bushears >> ye. an, i gsshergumt f , th ctain is one. anybody who has an attachment to bush is something that the romney folks are a little nervous about. if you look athe favable tingofepubcaigur in e coury rht now,er farabl rings are mh hier tnlmosany oer repuicann th couny. otr unfavorables are low. the republican party could use diversity, particularly a woman, an african-american on the tiet wldertalyhang e cplexn o thi tket anof i tnk a lf th interetaons theomne campgn tda.
6:30 am
jt ses tohighisk. evythi we' hea from the beginning is we're not taking risks, we want the focus to be on romneyersu omaitho an disactis. the wod be disacti wi ricbecaeou'l he soci cservivesn an roarecau of hositn artioand socl iues oadl >> jim vandehei, thanks very much. have a great weend. talk to you later. >> see you later. you too. >> u next, why senator harry id sugsts we suldurn the u.lymp unifms. waysnice >> yr tollat wo. >> srts th jathacapert ♪ ient dow down and the flames went higher ♪ ♪ ♪ and it burns burns burns toism asonn yes.
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me nor srts with jonathan capehart. >> [ inaudle ]. >> never fear americ tre's no py bplay >> ts is inrestg. thiweekhe.s. olyic mmitenveid tmuss enin gam unifms. urns out rph laen's decion tbrin bk the olympic pberet the least controversial part of the outfit. >> that's a big mistake. >>veryiecef te uss d, wte a blusuit wer ma inina.
6:35 am
th, ofours ledo trag capol hl a cal for the ompic comttee to abandon the design in favor of outfits manufactured in america. >> okay. >>oday there are 600,0 cantanufturi jobin is courynd thelymp coittes outsrcinhe mafacting unirms t cha. th isot jusoutreous it's just plain dumb. it is self-defeating. >> i am so sethathink the ompic comttee shod b ashad of emsees,hey oulde emrrasd. i tnkhey suld takll t unifms, t th i aigile anburnhem d stt alover ain. if they have to wear nothing but a singleette that says usa on it paind byand that' wha the shld we. whas asingette >> wt th wear a osy nuer. he'sayi -- >> the wrn wresing. >> did he say if they have to wear nothing but a singlette. >> that's what the senate majority leader said.
6:36 am
>> our tax dollars at workight ere. >> who -- wt st- >>eret >> dthe bere. thelympommiee n t eate orgizatn in t rld. ey have screw up after -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> this is unlievable. stupid decision unbievay stiddesion >> dpite theubli outc it's unlily cnges wle madeo cle to eeginng theames >> tre'sotf pblem gog onere. >> sckith the bere sheas t ber down far. >> notice the double-breasted blazer which i took a lot of heat from. >> notrom me. i liked that bler. by e y, tightt 7: p.m. fhion forrd wit nath and nny. >>e're catina segmt. thas grt. youuys ll pbabl b in . >> that's great. >> up next, the must-read opinion pages. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by stbucks.
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at rneday.o. >> bause ifou d't he any frhdeas the you u sle cticto sre vers. if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint you opponent asomee pele ouldun fm. yo mak aiglectnbout smalthin. >> i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >> latest ad out of t rney caaignt 42ast the ho. he w criciziheresint for ung cpaig sca taics. an interview with cbs, president obama discusses the
6:41 am
biggt mistake of his first term. let's take a look at that. >> the miste of myirst uplef yrs w thiing thathisob wust abo geing e pocy rht. and that's important. but, you know, the nure o is oice is aoo tl sty tohe amecaneopl th giv the a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough time >>nd e, t rney cpaig respded sang, ote, present ama liev tha millnsf amicanhaveost ei home tirjobs a thr livihoobecae h faed tel a gd story. being president is not about telling stories. being president is about leading, and president obama has failed to lead. jo il sd i to yo wh do u ma of th?
6:42 am
>> ll, and'm cious wt pulitzer prize winning historian jon meacham thinks of this rrate, ttou hav pridenalmoourears i yingmyigge fling is thfact i w far too intelligent to t american people. i should have been ae to tell a sty, didtet i tt y hado db itwn. i phispitheorg w. bu who was ask aft fr yes i h hadeny stak ande goes, can't really think of any. i mean, he was too smartorhe amicaneopl i the taaway the. >>t fi inhink o biraphal vw ofhe esidtch isth, yo knowhe vy intelligent man in a business that requires both intelligencend intellectual
6:43 am
kind and emotional tellence to defd t psideis, u kn, somne whoould he aged w fralin osevt o on sepmber1th,32 in "the new york times" magazine he said the presidency is not chiefly a job about efficiency or engineering, it's preeminently a place ooral leadship and all gre psides ha en ldersf th natnt a timehenerta ideequid clificion. do th predent we look back on as truly transformative leaders diboth. they got the policy right and articulated . e ju is sll ou thoh, theresint hing gotn th picyrigh >>jo i auall digree thou i'v bee agring wit u late, i sagr re. weat arod ts table for months and to a person, particarly, obviously, when trying to sell his health care, he's not selling it. actually used those wos. 's not tling t sty. so i actlly thi wheer he -he rson - youe loing him as moing
6:44 am
ohhis ad intnall is i smarter than y and explain it. i think it's a very fair self-reflection actually. >> wel - ian tl you, oughian -- i tnk we can allookt whae'veone or th pt4 hrs a tnk o so pttyigmiakes thk of se sstanal mistakes. in this case, you have barack obama who decided to g aer [ audie ] althare rerm,hile milonsnd llio of arica werut ofork and t enomy wast rninarou. i ink thas a prey - think -- i would hope if i were in his position, that i would be le to selfefleit bett tha jusayin you kno wh, i hadt rit,ut i was a comnicaons oblend i sasicly- ias jus t art forhe amecan people. i needed to tell stories better. >> howard, then jonathan. >> two things about that. first of all, i auall was
6:45 am
someat med b tt becse thiss no a manho usuly coessehis flts ealy. hower, i don tnk tss a oddea durg pitic campgn. u kn, self-reflection is admirable and i appreciate the president's self-reflection. i don't want to hear that again until after the elecons. is i notooddea talk likeis. idisaeeith jtire. i d't tnk i wooki do on the arica peop. u c't shony wknes whsoev in presential campaign even if it means enoughing the question and not answering it. you hav to be tough-minded about this >> govnor dn t predent haaood sto to tel a i painhimhateasn'een ab. hehimsf hn't bnble to tellhe stor thissn'tnything new. we're hearing the president say this now, but i have heard this for at least a year, that the presidt feels tha tss h greast faing. heocus ohepoli, di't fos on telng tmerin oplehy has dnghate was doin >>on'talk abo you
6:46 am
failgs ding an election campaign. >> upside down, what he's saying, i'm so serious and i had my nose to the grind stone so 'sot aitti any faile. micel sele,hat do u dohen ked? >> ihink hard dea has it ad righ in coestik tsou d't adt that kind of feeling or failing. but the reality o it is this, we can talk all day longabout, you ow,heth or t th pridentoldhe sto o had thnarrive rigrhe ople dn'tet it. th reatyft is is wha the pele g was jlessss a unemployment and bills they couldn't pay and that's the narrative that the president still has to address that th don't want to address. >> ty h tha befee g he. >>yeah ah,ut's tresint -- >>et mead fm "thwall stre joual,"eggy noon's piec o we the people, and you take it to the panel. the 2012 presidential electi is unusu. it is crisis ectio le 32 o 80, wit t amecan
6:47 am
oplenowi we' a a tuing int d kwing w w ck n rlly matts. but crislectns td to bring drama, a broad sense of excitementnd passion. we're not seeing that this year. we've not seen polital gens in mobam wtherou wl voteor h onot, you kno u han'teen . sms t vieolitss h weyduty methg he hado do on his y to greatness. as for mr. romney, it is a commonplace in punditry to implore him to speak clear of where he'll go and hownd w wehoulfoll. whatoes thi all suggt? vote thiyearillendo be prticain tirhoice a destnheir exctatns, ich n'tlld, boy would be a lot more fun. i would say, passion and a clear division between the direction of this country, between these two ndides, uld ally he. >>h, ndoubabouit. yowerealkio me abo is fcamaoupl wee ag wheou said this is a year that calls for 1980.
6:48 am
a reagan versus arter realchces. instd, wt we'etti is 1976 gerdord vsus jim caer,nd ihink - thi you re dd right, that's why i wrote about it in a column later on, we serve 1980. desee rl chces. i dot -- i d'think wre ttinreal chces. thie're getng wt bara oba tald abtn denvn 20,ndhat i a exaggeration of very small differences. >> yeah. exactly. you and i havealked about is, nsyism ofmall rase i wan too witrespt t goveorea and chaman stle, o ha bee in e ara, i thi youe bh wrong about the president not answering a question about mistakes. if you don't -- if you aren't honest -- >> en. nd tal abo the presency the y tnn a
6:49 am
t wh joeasalki aut th grge bus who can ink sse c'think of e. everyone in their own lives knows that you make mistakes all the time. all of us tell ourselves a story to explahose mistakes. >>john,he who thg, he wasn aitti amiake. heas takg aerceed subanceandurning it upside down. he is saying i'm the guy getting the job you done but sorry -- i don't think there was weaess in at. heoes lievthis i miake. 's n plang a ge here >> jum . >>joe? >>on acha ianto flow up aunrlin whaousaid. i remember one time, again because i'm a dork, i was very yog at the time, but i remember following the 19 repuicanrimampai. naldeagan was ask a qutionutn t camign trai hisespoe, ion't know >>yeah >> a evebody just sat there for a second and then they started applauding.
6:50 am
it was some of reagan's people sa it was a -- it w jt a spial ment ttonneed him th trowdecau h seed hun. -- i le tanditeshat sa iesse up is i what i could have done better. it lets me know that they're not in a bubble like i think george w. bh was aer frears and ke mt psides inheva ofce getto, n. the's ablute, a gre mome to itcho half america churchhill who inhat miserable winter of 1942 when everything was going wro, we had noapit shi inhe pafic, hleras doi we, urchll h to defd hielf vot o condencin t use de sayhat the british people -- and i think e american people too -- can face any misfortune with fortitude and byanc as ng thereonvied tse i chge o the affrsre not ceivg th orot emsees elli i fool padise
6:51 am
that onef threatnsigs about leadership, i think, people want to know you're not misleadi them. >> that's not the same thin opleant kw youe rongnd frlesnd churill stron and feless i -- >> dyohink whaarac obamsaidn bs suny morng" ia momt of weakness? >> i don't know. i don't think it's a moment of weakness. i give him credit for it. makes me like him more. what you d't wto sw escial in sittionike this campgn,s a fm o weakss o selfoubt that whapeopespetely want is song lear who h so sen of ere e country is going to go. >> great debate. more of that on "morning joe" in just aoment.
6:52 am
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6:59 am
anny morr. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> this government has a great record on education reform. >> here here. >> he sucss othe unersi tecical clege iniati creed ove5 inaudible ] pleased to confirm you will support a further round of obligations this autism and the funding is available so that busissesunivsiti, rentand ungeopl i neraay [naudle ] [ yeing
7:00 am
>> tnk u. go t see t honable lad on sh fety fm. i le it th's t btish paiame, folks. british pm and marie morris during the house of commons in began as spl queion to primminier camen. les coare at pformce wi a typal ment om t sete he atome. >>he pce oegistion 're dealing with, the house posted that last night, just foremiight to mee the les d it incdeshe tranortaon cferee a fld insance institute in o package. >> oh, my god. it's so painful. >> it's a long trip acrs t atntic >> ieed tomove
7:01 am
i anseousl >>e goto he a rliantar syst. i kn we' test and exceptional and all that stuff but we're boring. seriously. >> masterpiece thear. atralns-and t han comb. >>arryeidas usef bh mbs. >> swed re wn he was feelgegre a remsebout what he said about the uniforms. we'll show you that later. it was like, he just like, he took off his tie. you wouldn't bieveit meaitas - >>arryeidook off histi so tspk. yes. andnght, w do u ke t wom fm the parlment or hry re. >>eid is a boxer. still take the woman from the parliament. >> dny deutsch and jon mcham with us. hurt her a. >>longith chaestee in shinon a joing u o se pitic anast a msn ntritor charwolfnd seor niona corsponnt rloomrg bines wk jh green. the magazine's latest cover
7:02 am
story is titled "how the more mon church makets llio." we'l g to tt in a mont. anntertingne. lot ing her char it'goodoave you backn t set no >>hankou. plsure >> lk th. alrigh nicecent bringing to the table. >> watch it. i've got -- >> we like it. >> it's not broken. you see her wither broken m, shdidn care >> vy imessi. she' a conrvate pm, andi behd dad mero th was a fendl queson. its? it fansticstf. i love it. i also think it's good. >> it is good. >> that they, you know, we've got get some of tt goi wiout bei trioc. it isitriic b itoes ke the lders o the to. ey he to out aefen what ty'redoin oplere setp to trip them up. that's what makes the news every week is wheth they can handle the combnd dl wh eves andusti the o polies. ukn, thasctuay
7:03 am
mocry atorknne y. ther are n oer ccksnd balaes o exetive pern the british system. it would be nice to have a hybrid. >> michael steele, why can't we do this? >> wel we inurwnway, mi. itust sous dieren i an, u kn, weo he me feiyomennhe hse d satefloo ahoug less thesena, thereatt deberative body in the world. t the reality of it is, the parliamentary system is much more exciting. its mhore pple orieed. u'veot tt dirt conct you cstitncy dhey expe youo gonndight ever daynd tyo lte a pay attention and those pms, they know when they walk out of there, there's going to be a whole lot of, you know, heck to payf the d'tfit. it a dfere wayf apprchin proemolvi leslately. ere'just a lite me exted abo . he har reid. 's a good >> yh. theerso who's been most interesting about this in recent years was john mccain, who
7:04 am
specatedboutossiy ife habecopresent, havg qutionimeecau has s od a tow etin. i'sureis temrould hav seim thrgh fou yea wiout y -- >> ihink presidentbama tried to be interactive at one point everywherend we criticized him r that. >> too visible. >> tvisie. dowth sture of e esidcy. joniante to a jo memb wheill clion ted wi tha iaf goio th we of e cgres when he was -- in the early days of his health care effort to talk about, as we were talking in the last segme abt, y kno oba no cveyi hisssag present intoactuly oughabouthat pliamtary proa at e me. yea and uld he bn fulouat . absolute. the reason we didn't do that, one of the reasons we didn't do that, and in fact, jfers stopd -- wasngto and ada lived th sta othe uon eech in pers, ahen ffern stped caushe oughit w tgal.
7:05 am
like the king addss cing anthenhe cgresado receive you. >> shothat again. >> and then nobody went to the house agai until woodrow wilson. that will ep pple ake re 7:06 >> whe doeachaayloit all this. >> had a lot to offer to america. >> joe would appreciate that. >> he would. i wish we could putarryeid an annarie mors backo-ba to shohi >> mi, ka, ie be her >> rlly? >> rit. i forget. >> it just makes me sad that i never get a word in edgewise. i'm so sorry. i'm sitti heisteng -orge who ectly sai it -- t -- our own stem th's st of le -- no, we don't. you have a study of contrasts where we have this remarkable scene from parlientnd tn
7:06 am
yohave bark oba gngn the r sayghe'serfe expt for t ft th he' too smaor tmerin pele. hene man, joe. >> and the most tightly controlled situation and you have democrats asking this rninon tsh,hy d h do that so proct oesidt, we bule wpurpridene puour esidtnsid the aloffi, ahese ds escially, there's layer after layer after layer after layer. it ain't -- it ain andw jason'augution andhat' whemerin opleove eingha the see wi t btish pliamt becae ouresints e s cloirrednd kt away from the prs. >> it's such a good point. they bubble wra the royalty becausthat fun buthey sav th gttyutsndolts for the paiame. 's fanttic. all ght. t's t toolits bause ow y he bn stinghere st dng thearhe nt
7:07 am
sty. with bated breath. >> it's amazing. >> mitt romn and his campaig rkinto fd ofa wef gati stoes autis tenu at the fincialirm in capil. bost glo" artie ss roey w stiiste a a top execive t comny tee yes afr hiepord departure date back in 1999. now the story reads in part, quote,the obe" fou ne e.c.ilin subtted by fou diffent sine eitie aftefebrry 99hat scri romy asain capil's boss somehow himith magerl corol er fe baiapit entities that were formed in january of 2002. romney has repeatedly said he is notespoibleor bain sineealis afr99, and shodn'te bmedorhe rm's deciono clo ameran facries aove job erse. hicampgn press "the globe" for a retraction, calling the article, quote, not accurate. neverthess, the prident's re-ectioteams pouingn e issu
7:08 am
obam dutyampan maner stepnieuttesays wnt mes to e mt rect incint t dpari in e tes y be fedal oense >> either mitt romney through s own words a his o signure smisrreseing hisositn at bain the s.c., ich i feny,r h s mieprentingis posion baio the american people to avoid responsibility for some of the consequences of h vestnts. thas t case ie was ing tmerin peop, thenhat' a rl cract a trusissu mney cpaig was trag,reondi, que, president obama ought to apologize for the outof control behavior of his staff which demeans the office he holds. caaignare sposeto b hardough buttatents lik ose madby sphan cter bettleheroce a t ndide on who balfhe wos. joe? >> you know, richard wolfe,
7:09 am
we're cynical of these eltion attas. fr oneampan to the her. >> at least until the rney caaignomesutnd s her are e s.c. fingsnd kno it do,s micel sele d i agre it mesou ask, wt's ong here? why don't this add up? >> there are many threats to pulling this story. the only way for the romney campaign to deal wit i he e cdida sown wh a itorl bod at "e boon obe"nd awer eve sgle queson. 's g toutut the perwk an tnclus b the y th tax turn thes s.c. filings, you can debate whether he had active control or not but these papers show him as ceo, maning direor a tha w h prinple cupaon a he
7:10 am
gnedhoseocumts. this is nust obletic,t thro intqueson for a sta whether he was drawing a private equity salary while he was running for public office. >>kay. >> and that's the heart of . secoly,ou kn, he bee tellg th tru autis rol in ba. >>icha stee, wtherr noyou ink e sty cs roug ion't wanout y inhat potionefen itor us. with the romney campaign, you have to deal with this crisis, what do you do? what do yosay? >> i think parof ioes to e pot tt rhardust ma, i gue the qstio, what ectlyre we tking abou re? wh is e nhat y're yingo get at what is the question you're trying to get answered. is it that he was at bain or was thersomeing out,ou kw, at hpene at bnurina ti thahe where or suppedlyot ere? thi frohe rney campgn, ey'r loongt th goi this is a lot of noise about nothi because we have said he wasn't there, we've
7:11 am
had fact checkers tell us he sn'there y ow, nfirng h wastthe. d soheyanto meast at. t you c'tet but so far unl yoget bac tohat nub, at n qution you ow, at was going on and why are you listed in all these documents if you weren't there? >> the nub question, i'm rry, joe, go ahead. no. was ing saosheen, if trear in ct,ilin th mt roey sied,here lisd himsf aseo a managing director of bain capital after 1999that can'-- ion'tnow w yo expln th aw? escial if y'res goo a bunessn as mt roey . ts is t tra's faln in. roey fm toutset, rather than defend his rord at bain, has respondedo thobam attas sang a of is ppen aft i lt in 1999 sohe wle bis ois defee toate haseenhate
7:12 am
wasn nd. if yave t surits an exchge cmission documents showing that he was, in fact, around, then in a sense the entirety of his campaign's defense collapses and you end up wi whaou'v goday whe youave theomne camign ving thiindf hteril flaing rponsemanng coectis fr nspaps tt ey'rnot ttinand ming thproblem worse. >> here's the bottom line. two kinds of rich guys. mike bloomberg who's 20 times, 10 tesicher thaitt roey, t is a m of e oplend tnhere rh y, w is a pvatequit gu who w'thow hisax turn >> -- >> aar evat, w is playing fudgy ball as far when he was and wasn't ceo and that's a rich guy that pla ouide e linhat ian't ust. d tt's nn ectab figu. >>kay. jos let g t you ticl take lkthe cov of "blobergusins week." i will read -- my gosh. it's the cover. who wrote the piece? >> written by a wonrful
7:13 am
portarole winr inse the morn pire >>ha sha blt a sppin ll, n stk in bgering an on polynesian theme park in what hawaii which should be largely exempt from t frustration of tax. >> this is a fascinating stor i did t kw autt uil i ad ts ory. th mornmpir i addiono beg a relious initutn, als aprawng $40illi bunessmpir >> ah. >> and own everything from cattle ranches to shopping malls with retractable glass roofs to a polynesn tme par in waiiallf thi - wha areou ing? aot o peoe do at. th'samera. oh,su. at'srit. caolic chuhwnsolynian eme parks. it's more intertwined with the mormon church than just about any other religion i can think of. jon,aybe you kno one otwo hershat ns sawli billn doar bines pire bu whas fcinang ts i acally a pt othe region thatormosm fnder josh
7:14 am
smitbelieved that in order to be spiritually fulfilled you could be materially improv ried. rig. >> and thi gren pticur afr inhe postarars. n yut- put therowt o the urch asts in hioric contt? yeah. it did begin to grow in the postar years and over the years theve put together an enmous hding coany. qutionotoopetion fm th mmonhurc fro t ceo of tir hding coany,eath mcmuln,ho ge u esntiay ki of a tourf the balance set i you will and explained what these different things were. and how all of this kind of eds tomooniss larr puose,hich ty cim ultitelyhe ppose o a thusins is to lt pple ,o me thepirially lfilled, not justaterially fulfilled. and caroline goes intoome detail in th piece about all of e ta baksou getn the
7:15 am
moon chch somhing mit romn wou kwuite ait abou a l of bai ptner haveonat stk, youon't ha to pay citalgain is real thi fascinatingusiness empire that most people really don't know about. >> to be fair, churches don't -- religious institutions don't pay xes,hater th denonati. >>eah. >> o ght,ah. re este pita, capal insaxes >> mhaelteel >> wanto flowp onhat poin theuestn is reay around have they with all of those resources, the shopping malls and like, is there any connection where you can see that aart otheissi tt th havroun theobe, whe the, wre the sen theipeop forhreeearso see in feign las,ou know, in the missionary work that they do? is that what those dolrs go to? do those dollars go to som othepurpeeyonhe ligis aspts of moonis >>hat' areat queson. aotf th mison i gead arou fance aarole findsomeissiariein ts article,lder lks, who do
7:16 am
late in life missions, for instance, setting up a game reserve, a hunting serv for prof hting servoake ney r t chch, uimaty indfprea aund and rthe rmonm's glsroun the glob >>eah. is i a goo pot. let me rd the mormon church's response. can i -- >> no. fit. tusins we cers in ch pr casit's dficu t nd the wor to comntnit sadlthe ver aefleion ofhe bs and sculave nature of the article itself. it is narrow and incomplete, omitting, for instance, a good deal of information gen on how th chuh resoces eed. th artleissehe mar a the ver i obvusly mea to offsiveo ny,nclung llio ofatte dayaint joe? >> yeah. i was -- i thought the mormon church was going to say that this cover and thistory w s ofnsivthat j meaam cou haveritt it r "te" gazi.
7:17 am
ds dd and the i n santclau me, meacha this max of meachamism and now it's spreading to this fine instutio >>t's undi. i'wound byhat. u kn. >> wo w. >> appciat the coressn's put th. >> yeah >> io tnk - d think the -- these are complicated questions. religious institutions, of all kis, e, ifact eiresn ny way ando lkthe setsto lk athe bance eetsnd the missn, i a gitite role b it'ot sothinha exclusi t the mormon church. >> in response to the statement, the cover is a little bit tongue in cheek but the article itself if you take a looks a seris, ir-mded ece thalook yoknowin aunased w a this empe aeall giv opleense of kdf whas ingnere. >> jos green and richard wolfe, stay with us. up next, nbc's david gregory and
7:18 am
gin robinson from "th washgtonost. yore wchin"morng j," ewedy stbuck
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it was abouthe rigo te, causwhenouave the rito votou hehe rht chae thgs. we s a fute whe tho righ arexpand, n dinish. where racial profiling is a thing of the past. whercces t the balt i exndednd uncumred. did u thk wd beightg the bales ain? the house of representatives republicans voted affmatively pventhe jusce partnt fmven
7:22 am
inveigatg whher not therwas ter ppreion. folks, there's a lot more to sa but thiis pachi to e chr. >> licis. inins frshinon, moratoof "me theress dadrego and pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of the "washington pt" and political analyst eugene robion. anksor jning u >> gd moing. >> did iaket to tpal. seem to in aeeme ts ba stouts thugh. whe do it go fm he? it fces eomne camign connueo t to deflect, you know. i think there's recognition within the campaign, they're not going to win the story line out sime ain. at ty'veot t ds tryo tiga it asestheycan. u kn, fhtff se of the alletionlihey'oing
7:23 am
now about outsourcing, try to put back on the president the idea that he's looking in the past and trying to fight about small thgs. but theve g t fin a wo ateast neualiz an iss th goe t thi hrt o ethe mitromn has an abily toonne wh fol who are struggling in the country, particularly midd-class voters, or whether he is sehow beyon t ric d scessl in t cotry. he'sven a step avellf that i thk th's wt af the tack go. d ihinkhathat youe en steil fm tbama mpaign is attempt to put him outside of that mainstream and toyou know, cast him as guy who jus twethy, o, to outf uch, at's a ja thereoing t kee rkin. >> ilonen on somhingou saidnd the yick w her yo thiouldo this best. how do you neutralize s.e.c. filings? how do you neutralize this issue? david? >> well,hink y, yoknow theyusthey' figing bk
7:24 am
veha, y know psentg asany ftsshey cano peop lking a ts and, you know, ultimately will get to the bottom of it. i mean, i don't know that people will pay as much attenon t all of tss thewillusto thideahe nate ofen i tourapitis andf wt bai actuly dthe maetplace. bu i think in the end, people -- a i think it will happen over the coursef th summer, they'll make a judgment about ay, tss auy w sicay is bunessn, and, u kn, ty'll kno ulmate go om the. >> donn >>he'she way -gr with everything david said. here's the way you neutralize that one point. i was a ceo technically of my mpan uil 200 unt i haed i oforbout t o ree arsefor tha i wn't nnintheompa anyme. the cod heeen docents i gned,here i truasot day-to-day management. that is just a talking point and the reality is, the reality is,
7:25 am
at the real smoking gun, i ill inks theoffsre acunts that a ctainind of rh y. you or roey's >> i d'taveoffsre accots. can ow y a lf peoe that don't. there are certain types of wealthy people that dedicate their lives, their financial ndseto pyingroun the syst and tt's sethi tersanno put u whnd that sto linis n gngo ay. riard? to the pnt how dyou dea with th? wh cdida oba fed much smaller, but still important financial irregularity, a land deal, a small land deal withhis g torezke sown f urs yingonswer ery sing queion at t rerter cld tow ahim. at'shat ey'v got t do th've t tbe abl toay seembeor octor,ss old, we've dealt with this. this bleeding is what hurts them. it gets to credibility. that's wre he hi >>an idd to th, wh riard id ts is anssue wi theax retns a ll. yo knowhey fghtff leasg taretus a tn
7:26 am
th rease oar. opped t reasing, you know, a lo so ty'rereatg this sort of tension about, well, what more is here? why can't you g a full airing of is. ani thi pt othe neralitions pting out a much infmati asouossiy ca likicha sa,nd tn u, y kno you ultatel sort of dull the edges of the story and get back to where you would like to be. the obama team i not going to stop working ts pun ao theyaveo kw th. bu for romyo sf wre sponng wrelong, the's teo rpondnd try to p endot a say i refer you back to when we've covered this. >> get it all out. >> he can't. >> michael, would you adve ing aindfhecked eech galdi ferro maraon pss confence ther i gen oespoe to go triard'poin >> thereis. i think ok, you're in the middle of the summer, you've got the olympics coming up. what better te now t p ts
7:27 am
thin in e rit coext to t inront of e ory. u ha the ompicthatill ke a of tt ay bause peop wilbe fusin on sketll and,ou kw -- >> and the uniforms. >> and uniforms. and i think that, you know, if you let this drag beyond that poin theitecom par o thearraveoing intthe coenti andhennce youet toaboray it's we op. thinthis ihat ment whe thbain sryas ten anthe st w to dot is f romney to get before an editorial board and to lay it all out there, show he's not hiding anything, to donny's int 'sot o of tho ric gu, an movon. actl >> dnyich y. jo? the probm, l's to image th scario ta abo t cheer sech or pink press conference hillary clinton had. the problem wit romney he would have to be surround by sort of a ram part of t lyers and fsho spialis. ihinkt wld barde to becae weealkibout evythi frobain docents to ofhoreaccots.
7:28 am
>> 's noingo swis taturn not ing do it. >> eugene, how would something like that play ou >> look, i think tre's o mpleuestn heaso ansr whicis, w hetillt bn or not? eanhiss - thio me seemto b aatte of credilit toldhe thin telling the american people another thing. i thinke has to settle that. and then, going beyond, it' mostike twsteproce becae th igreeith donn doe he tddre the qutionf t fsho accots, fsho mpans. caus thaoeot sit well with people and you may be right that he'd have to haveax lawys aund h whi als uldn plawell so he g toind som w talk abo th in a sime a mprensivway a h betr do it quickly, i think. >> yeah. so david gregory, give us the big picture on this. obviously we've g a table moly o crics he.
7:29 am
andhis islear n jusred at. is ireal til rease tax retns u' goi t hav nvertionlikethis, humming across america, where it's almost -- it's almost part o the conntiol wdom thahe s so ofhorecoun, se thin i treha loo ba unti thereease thi i goino be wha ppleink. >> w do you trust to make your life better, to make the economy better. there's a lot ofoodwl f esidt oba, bhidesn is cpaigdersnd th. ou polng indatesat. bu the's qstio abo whs gotheisio for the fure. ere'ha pling queson, es t candidate understand the concerns and the problems of people like me? and what president obama wts to mak pnful cle iis gume abo mitromn,s thate doest. at h dsn'tundetand yo doe'tet u, theiddl clas vote who strglinin th ecomy, yes, ahe president has been, you know,
7:30 am
responsible, as the head of the government, but that mitt romney is not the answer. this isltimely aut rsing quesons out e altnati an ultatel ming t argunt tt th isot ausiealrnate, wle you'go you know, vice president biden out there working the jab, with a middle-class appeal throughout a bunch of these swingtate wher's out the as an advote f predentbama so ihink thi i theltime corasterend ts wt is 're ing seeost of. dad, t ddge port, the screaming headline about condi rice as the top of the list or near the top of the list for vi predentl ck,st - whatsthat the sateg ere. >> wt's rangabouthato me i ts is sh bton dow oces tt the rne camign is rninghichs usuly the case, but they're a very corporate campaign as insiders will tell you, so the notion at ty p tsut the doest rely refctow they em to runngheir vp
7:31 am
sech. etheit w dontoisfrkts tra the bain stor whether it was done when he got booed at the naacp convention, to say hehinkgbout dirsit i' sur ty're conderi kus ri, s saio m a hersn th pas she' inrest in picyndot politics. she also creates some problems. i just don't think it's where he's ultimately headed. >> a jon meham. >> ge, do u thihat ric woulust bngpoo mhf e pviouightears in termofavino relitigate all of the george w. bush years? >> oh, well, i think that would be one. th's like trd oy li. yoknowshs pro choi, p firmive tion i wodike s how tt play a the convtion and ye of urseshering the who bush foreign policy and the vul cans and all of
7:32 am
that. ierioly dbte'll eret toha pot. dbt tre wile a d whe we sit arod ts tab a talkbout cdiice t ve pridenal nonee. 'll see. dav gregory, thanks very much. who do you have on sunday's "meet the press"? >> we've got senators kyle and durbin for the tax date for the llnd picp o o poticarountablon fini mitromn andhere it snds theumme caaign >> tnk y so ch fomin on eune, ank u asll. what you cumn thi morning? >> it's on penn state and joe paterno. >> that's -- i can't -- y thk itouldt gewors thanyou ry mh. > sll ead, tise othe crtivecls. auor rhardloa bres dn e mo innovative places. "morning joe" is back in a minute. yoknowhat love abouthisount?
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7:40 am
let's talk about greed and intrigue. with us now, guy lawson. the author of k toes." e boives a re-lif acuntf o of e biest nancl fuds rect stor mtermdedy man name samlisrael. guy writes this about his role, by the time the bayou haejund imploded in 2005, it had gro $4 milln. sots invtors wered t beeve. efctivy thfund was a pon scme. bau's chixecuve offe samuel israel iii was later sentenced to 20 years in jail for orchestrating one of the
7:41 am
most unbelievleraudin wal stre hiory, ps two yrs for kingis scide anit gets eveore cra fm ere caus aareny he was connthe hght o a o this. thanks for being on the show. "octopus". >> tt's it. >> what's your draw? >> to sa ye. >> word o wl stet wn ioved toew yk aaw le w t oan of posbili f aud,hey re couing o me a jiorawyeo d the kif del against and research and if they were counting on me they were in a lot of trouble. i was just a kid. >>hat' ighting,ctuay, ist it tip othe icebg. yea >>hat? >> yeah it theids a t w-pa works, t gulars,hat ar supsed kphe ge d th don do it. >> tell us about this guy and how he did what he did, because if this i one of the most unbelievable fraudow many mo are out ere. >> tt'sustit m ishehild of aom nt adinfaly,he isrl an aaro mily
7:42 am
herewp in wlthnd prilegwith alan greenspan and larry tish's familyriend, couny cb in wt chter. he w anxper in eati, frt ruing,ppreice io the tras a blartsf it wh he fds started to fail he could admit failure and go home in shame or cheat. like all these guys -- not like all tse ys, moff srted outs araud stere staed th ehtittllie,ieset ggeruyin me, ting to tre yo w out oit the inghat meshis different and the story different, by 2004 he's down $150 million, he's ling inside an ocean of es, inse a mansn, bng cshedy h li, heas $15illin ca. wh doehe do? betstll on a - the extencof aecre mket th a c con man named robert booth nickels convinces him about and that's the octopus, anthen the trick where the con ma gs cone
7:43 am
>>lwaysk ts queson, anther may not bnenswe toit is y,doff the lisoes on whas thesychogic threat of these people? do they think they're smarter than others? is it self-loathing? soopat? wh -- it' aostouan't phanm wh is dring tse ys? at'syou ow, lood a mado,he madftorys re oathiory. e guis one thing. i'll take you money and sit on it. sam is a human story. moves thrgh ti, h chactechges,ryin t lve s probm. aumansty. s motes a mix and ty angebuthey reay are alwa man. >> m poi, d tse guys dilute themselves and say to thselves, i'm going to get there, i'm not doing anything wrong? i don't care, i'm going to sew thisersoand screw th? >> m, mucore thefoer. sam s aays tryg t sve italwa loong for the way to se hielf, savis fun an younow,th's, deed what made him prey for another
7:44 am
con man. the urge to fix the problem. >> john na thanh. >> guy, you saidomething tereing omeno. sa he appntic wit vious peop andearn thelack ar. soho a thepeop? wee fused o sam here, but it sounds like he's the tip of the iceberg. >> t people who set the libor baras, w fntun t mark at golan shsnd crte tse derativnd tre ead of tirclies. it a ctura ing. it'smart ople, really smart people, mobsters that call them wise guys, wall street guys are smart guys. >> let's brie it back t romney and onceagn, i n sang rney isshont. be refu here >> walkeabouthis offceraetwe entrreneial ch gsnd walltree rich guys. thesentire art is about beating the system and proving i'm smarter than the next number. youon'tstl,ouon't walknto ike a ban a steaa blion doars.
7:45 am
u di into a buct a me. beces invible. >> god. >> s sam dersod t basic, you know, kind of the truth of wall street in a certain way. everyone -- lots of peoplen wa strt arhone. i n't an timplthe wle ing coupt. en s was toly the cia ent erytng ia aud, the fedel rerve is onzi scme,ecau head experienced so much dishonesty through his life and he was so dishonest he fell for it. >> the book is "octopus" m isra, the sect mket a wa reet wilst con. guy wson tnk y so mu. that lks go. an friteni andery d at the me te. up next, from hbo's hit vampire series "true blood" actor chris uer joinss on the set. you're watchg "mningoe" brew by starcks. anksorheho of e whe wa andur n pag [ man ] ever year, shia and i
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> yooto le thgure h? nothatou'r loc sex syol? shuup. >>hat e y talking about? what's she talking about? answer me, fice o i'l he
7:50 am
u paolli par inal t re of emoh. ishat fabook >>t's aeal nicpicture. i mean, from a photography standpoint. >> shut up. i'm surehe gdeopl wld hap to ow y'resing thr hardarne tolla suerinpornnhe internet! get back to work! >> okay, i going to get back to watching . i wated"hpy da" so can'watcthat thatrom "te bloo" he is o's cis bor. a lot to ask you about. why was the butt on the picture? >> on that scene, i had just had a long de wit my wtres rlfrnd a her son ce i andurpred us to a ltle picref m nad. >> i he wn ttppen >> dny knows.
7:51 am
>> this series is amazing. what is our fascition with vampi vampes? d whdooungomenove vaires i'm jus fcinady it. tbe hont wityou, i nosuref wn't on thi show that i would watch it. because the vampire thing is a mystery to me. hover,avin beeroun tm now foroingon, youow, wl intoive ason there real hot u kn whamean they never die. >> vampires are hot? >> no hacuts ah, vamres arehot. >>heres a sexlityith mpir thaomen arawn to it'sfainatg. >> wenre dwno vpire xual? >>ave you seen the numbers that the "twilight" series does and this series does? s. >>rue ood. i'veeard l aut is.
7:52 am
tells abt yr chacterut alsohatouid ahe sw wenton, bause undstan th y werfeelg a ttle presre fm threst of e cast members and you lost some weight. >> yeah. it's self-induced pr preure r re. i' sheff ayltze'm the tow cop. an over the years, one thing that's been really honedn me is how to stay on ahownd not get lled in ts ca, whhis sw i was ttin aery strg sigl at i i cld a lea get two-ck, wa goi to ybe i t mix as ng as possible. nobody ever said, you know, lose your chins, but i felike shou. >>t wa't lee in t new busiss. >> i heo saou we lot scar scier pern. >>hankou. i get the popularity of
7:53 am
vampires, but abraham lincoln is a vampe. >> iknow >> vpire nter exce me are w jumngheampi oughre? >> thie mht he sttchethe taphor, whatever it is, as far as it can be now and maybe we're slamming back together and vampires will be releva. >>ou kwhat 'seall out,nny. >>es ca i sit? men ttinbitt o t ck. the's somhingery -- y're xt. howre weogreing? e wethe o-pa t ree-ck sge now? >>his wha i kwor ct. beneh sid inch of fact is a six-pack, maybe eigh i just talk about, ke, buyg in it i gothetrair. yoknow'mrom n york but wehoothisna. iust felead fir f
7:54 am
th whothin the diet the traer -- ye, that's all fake. >> you're doing it all. >> egg whites and a at. he yootic s'sgiy? >> i notgidd 's kwar it crazy. "true blood" looks cool. i'm going to watch it. this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on hb chs bar, tha youo mu. > athe topf th ur, e bale othe bain. h keep it right here on "morning joe. [ ki ] ai ani d alys cled egonome.
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> itas autheight to vo, beuse en y havthe righ to vote y havehe ght to chae thin! we see a future where those rights are expanded, not dinish. we wherraci prilins a ing othe st! wher accso theallos expaednd unencumbered. did you think we'd be fighting these battles again? >> no. >> the hse of rreseativ publans votffirtive to pventheusti
7:59 am
depamentromven instiging etheor n the waoter suppression? lks, tre's a lot mor t say,ut ts is prehing to thoir. >> goo morning. it's 8:00 on the east coast, 5:00 on the west coast. time to wake up, everybody. are we awak becae is friyhe 1 terrle tngs eoing t haen toda let' takive loot new yorkity ckith on t se weave hnmecham, howard doich, jonathan mead a michl fe. joe d just mines after mitt romney addressed the same audience,
8:00 am
biden painted a clear picture of what the supreme court wld lo lik und aomne esidcy. imane wt t romy juste dertme wilook like imine en henio adviser is rert boke. agin andhis toe is one of t mos cticassue in th elecon. aginwhat t supmeourt will look le after four years of a romney presidency. fos, tsecti,ny view is ight f theeart ansoulf eric >> i liked watching your face as he spe. >> listen, i loveoberrg. hering u rert rg. weerefitingheattl o
8:01 am
1987 63? john mecham, i'm curious. historically a bit of an overreach here, or are we seeing everybody use this acp coenti tolay to tir se? prisel i tnk tt's righ and romy h st onroni ba pying tgothere, sort of a step removed. but i think to my mind, the bin -- noby i betright w i polics tnbin at sortflayi thi hea mor in sorrow than in anger, nody is a better knights of columbus dinner speaker than biden. >> it' tr, and thiishy all this hockus srks pocus in washington. he's fantastic. an that was greaspee by
8:02 am
joebide he rais a the sues teristeng thi i wodn'tesurise jo if d see cno othe cket he sti u for vice presidency, right? >> joe. >> i want to challenge one thing, howard. i agree. he certainly connects whhe it. onnesith ricaameran vers. conctsithhiteorki clasblueolla vors. weovejoe. at'shy w le jo at the same me, a speech like this, though, often gets white working class voters rolling theieyes saying,ome, man, joe den. me on ma ts ain63 d dot try taint faitie >> what they're doing with the voting suppressions really shocking. it really is shocking. 780,000 people will be inigib toote i pennlvan as resu ofhat thennsvani replica ssed thiss noaokeor afcan-erics inhis untrwhen ytart ting aw the rigs t vot and
8:03 am
thats where voter suppression is at. it's aimed at hispanics and ricaamerans,rincally >> wt wabin'splanion? iant tgo t miceleel r a secdhere chae wnoutarteari demoatalkibout reblics trng t eage in voter suppression, of course, the idea that all amecans present a pho hen ty go to vot to prosshat h alwa scad thell o o me the hoasf ving wn yosee jus abody com in and say, yeah, that's me, and then they vote and show accord. you look at the statistics and they jt dot be ohe decrat fac. rerdin for inance the vor and swing phot e pcentes a so sll a touearoebin o howd antalk, and this really is, quote, 1963 all over again. >> well, it is. you know, quite frany, i sickf. it'sust a loaf crathis
8:04 am
poin i'm tir o th. erylectncycl we' gog tooll bkhe cloc reblics argoin to turn backhe ock. you look at the plight of the black community, it's not a question of rolling back the clock. the clock hasstopped. this admistrion fed th 14.4 umploent witn thblaccounitnd it' not dresd efctivy, it' noaddressed, the recidivism rate. he's not addressed those things healked abo earern t minirati he uld ndle or a leaegin toddre i the ack commity. the to ve jbin ro upo t nap, youe eachg tohe oir, youe preaing eame old nonsense looking backwards. tell us how you're going to address the current problem thatre aecti thi commity? n't rry s mucbout mit romn. head h mont h tk his lumpwith at. notells,oe den,arac obam wt dshelack counitlookikeour years from now if given another four
8:05 am
years to address some of the very issues that you talk about rolling back the cck ? r met'sust a bunf nois and i'miredf heang it >> iantoet to dk chey, butuick dny and jathan th. nny? twoqution firsof all, i find it fascinating that my good friend michael steele is talking about what thebama peoe arnot taing out forhe bla counit hen't heahem tk abt the hisnic mmuny, t blk counitor ather commity. what was the obama campaign's explanation of why he was not at the naacp? >> the president of the united ateshe'sot a he of lot hing tdo here h tbe sethi bett thathat wa it a cculad desion f e aicanmerin priden to n be speingo that group? >> the impetus of your question is that the pside hasot er skenoheacp a th's n the case >>he d aer rneyoest
8:06 am
to t amecan publ, wast a ratec disioto note ther >> strategic in the sense that -- the role of the vice prident is to go after the other guy who is at the top of the ticket e ref th nber twon e tiets tgo aer t inc prcipaon t oth sid you nt j bid to to t ac andive speech to the base because he can say things the president cannot say and shouldn't say. it allows the president to sll afe i the ligh >> h d d ted messe. thas righ he dido a ped mesge bore joebide oke,o isot le he wasn there. if you look at the reaction of the naacp, they weren't upset to have him there. they loved having him ere. incolusi, the bodim caus his sech was over th wand hi t kp ing. 'mureetayeor a lg time i'm ing move on to bain. this is another big story making a lot of waves this morning.
8:07 am
mitt romney's campaign is workg toet off a wav of stors abt hisenurt ba pita theosto globe says he was still listedt the company the yes aer hwas no loer inlved th gbe fnd nin c filgs submted our dfere sinentits afr feuary 19 tt deribe romy a ba capital's boss. some show him with managerial control over five bain capital titi thawereormen nuar20. mneyas reatey sai h was t resnsib for ba's busiss dlingafte19, and thi iorta because it goes on to say shouldn't be blamed for the firm's decision to close factories and move jobs overas. s coany pssedhelobe fo a retrtion calng t artie, quot not acrate vertlessthe esidt's
8:08 am
reecti teaisouncg o the sue. oba campaign manager stephanie cutter says when it comes to the most recent incident, t diar dispity theatesay ba dera ofnse. >>ithemittroey, tough his nordsndiswn signure,as srepresenting his position at bain to the sec, which is a felony. or he was misrepresenting his posion a in t the arica pele tvoid resnsibity for me othe csequces of his invement andfhat' the ,fe walyin to t arica oplehenhat' a real character and trust issue. >> romney's campaign was outred, sponding, quot priden oba ohto apolize r thout--conol havi ofistaffhich deansheffichelds. campgns e supsed be rd foug,uttatents like those by stephie cutter
8:09 am
litt theroce and the candate wse belf s wos. >>t sndsike aasciting ory. nn deutsch, i guess the question rising here we don't kn that much about it y beuse ere goi to lomore rorti o it,ut thiss auestn oheth e gus telnghe tth o not. foet tleliti, fort ec filis. is ia queion out i he saying one thing to the public and doing another thing privately, and actually, i'm always knocking dow a lot of stors abt roey. is auallound le a scining orynd a sto thathey nd t kno dn faly quicy. >>yeah jo thihas en a rrif, horfic week for romney. this and the offshoreccounts go to is this a guy i ctrt? weookot i the las few mont as e bain cital atta, ist usef, is smt, a iwas t foundation
8:10 am
for saying, hey, wait, he's a rich guy, jfk was a rich y, blm blmberwas richuy, t th is a sha g w h fsho coun,nd i he t tell u, ts is devtati stf. th haseen tremendously, tremendously bad week for romney. >> john meacham? >> one interesting thing this rninfor uensid bebal is t sto abo in arod 13 othe time th bosn globe helped break it, so there's always that. but chaeeelef youere inhe romyampanhis moing,ow wld ye elin >> aittl bitncerd, beuse ihink tooth donny's point and joe's question about the interesting nature of this story, you don't want a story likehis to intestin yowanthis oryo go aw.
8:11 am
an ty'veot de gd job of gtinghis gone an the rlityf itis, and it's a very fact-based question. you were either there or you ren' you ught pcef per tha said you weret,utheres pief pap thasaidou we, sheres a ver ct-bed anasiserehe reporter can't cover, a it's a fact until they get in front of it and there not in front of it yet. 'm goi tsay someing. rick pry prheti ritizeditt romney at b ara bain capital during theprimy. >> the is dferee beten venteapitism d as auvuure capilism the fact is, he'll have to face
8:12 am
up to this at one time or another. >> this goes to a queion i wanted tosknyonrounhe tabl why sn'tittomne gn an answ rdyor tsqution fotheax retns qution it'sotikee dn'tnow thisas gng t ce up this is his achilles heel, and there is no answer to the tax return question. if you look athe t retn, ere goi tbe yman isla vestnts, tre i gog to a swi bk acunt. thisoes to why you do or do not vote for somebody. what joe is talking about is righ this is a ftual prlem,nd miael stee, h haper at t c ttaysn 2002 he s cef ecuti offerf ba capil. my understanding of the chief executive officers, that's who runs the company, and he's denying he ran the coany. 'slmosmposbleo sel th if youe mi romn. >>lmosimpoibleoel
8:13 am
this let'ask e, ae,ou tak to e nel. howo yo hane this? isn't he going to have to? >> hs going to have to explain any documents tt he h a corol hat sgest tte waa ceo o inpita it thasimp, a ife' t tling truthrf he cat exain esec filings. he said four entities. who are those four entities? how much control did he have over those enties? d the entiesut mt romn at thep? i nd itardo beevehey woul buthose a t estis th if i,s reblic,hat loot stoes bren against republican candidates with great skepticism during an election year, look at this and go, huh. i nder wha thasabt. that theoble i al,ougheall qukly, on oththin iant to und line wtowarnsays th aille heel of mitt romney is the release of his pt tax
8:14 am
rerns becseaybehe caym isnds, mbe thewiss bk acunt, thi mor to the poin tre m be a f yrs ck tre wre mtromney, the guy worth 300 million, 400 million paid nothing in taxes. i think that's what they're rely afrd o or the lg ru >> iould lov toskverydy oundhe tab a vymple man t qution rgetreblic/demrat, forget conservative liberal. as a human being, i think as humans we vote for anotheruman being. when you hear all thi stu a thendf th y, dyou real fee thiuy in solu strght shoor? and u jton'tn you gut. yo don fee it. michael, we're human. forget republicans. i know a lot of rich guys. you just feel sethi he, d i ink themerinoter el is. thers no awer fort. >>omin , nrly 2 yea afr leinghe wte use,
8:15 am
histiansncreingly praised the president george h.w. bush. we're going to get an inside previewf parade magane's inde intviewf busnd h firsla, hisccomishmts and e cuenttatef liti. our nex guest says increasing in creativity is a way of revitaling some of the amica'truging ties charlori talbout the onom a hisistf th t cies ithe u. aabro. bufirs pl wi t forecast. phil? >> another summer day rolling in. before we get there, down along the texas coast, along wit louiana,he bumonreao po arur, flalood rnin. weeopl traedn tir home theye hathunrss siing er t topfhemor theast ree hours, and it's just not moving. the west coast actually dealing with a little bit of rain ts morning, too. we don't get a lot of th, bu omhoen totuon, nth
8:16 am
roli had rai eartoda weave ternn thdersrms the soheas now t me tak you to yr weekd focast tice, it's pretty warm everywhere. typical for the middle of summer. i don't think there's going to be too many washouts. mostf thstor wilbe i and t inalfn hour it not gng to cnge af ur bchr leplan sa goe f ndaylthoh cou seeome tho stngertormarou nework ty onday notice we're not seein extreme temperatures out there. no tornadoes in the forecast, either, so it looks like a pretty nice summer weekend. we lea you withhot on areahat doe'tsual see a lot ra. ere som shors i t cini. th mak f a ssy, mes rning commute. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbuck's. ♪ acotic itarupbe ]
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8:20 am
welcome back to "morning joe." joining now, siordito o the atlaic, ricrd orid he the autrf"the ris of e cativ clasow i its 10th annersa edition. michael steele, by the way, still with us from washington as well. all right. very good to have you on the show. >> thank you. it'sreat to ithou ys. >>ive u aense o"the re in treate ass" a som of thallges fe ting bre roug >>t's bn areat ten-year run not just for "the rise in the creative class" but for
8:21 am
cities. when fststard, it s obous at yng peoe and y pele wld bthe key t the tiesut %f th city's population now live in cities, and congress knows and policymakers knoif wwanto gr theonome ha t vestn chnogy,e ha to inve inur citi, and mors acss t coury a getng it,to let go to the t cativ citi, staingt nber one. boulder. boulder, colorado. >> it's interesting. natural resourceowns have done well in the cris, butollege wns ve jteen kicng it you ow? and nust boulr. you okt t t tos, it' safransco,t'sseate, it boon, but boulder is the corval, and what was very positive for me. my wife is from deoit. we jt di a veo siesn builng droito senne arr t f frthhows tha
8:22 am
its psibl to rebuild, and i think thas good news. >> very nice. go ahead, hn. >> what goes into mingould mberone, s fraiscoumbe two. as adiard newrker i rprid neyorksnn ere caus n yor this ey'rthe mosreateeopl in tworld. >> new york is great. it is the greatest global city in the world, and the mayor here, theityaseall tned arnd. grewp i narko've wahed is cy turoun i th pas0r 50ears or so. wh goeintoit,e re cies othre t's. technology, are you a great technology leader? talent? do you have the skills, the capability, the human pita thenhe thi one,hich sotimegetscontversl, e yoaolert pce tt's op to eryo, wre wen and n, gay and straht, a hnicies andnationalities, we need to keep this country open to immigration.
8:23 am
50% o thoilic vley sinees we stted a foren bo rson at'shateallpowe econic gwth. osere the thr t's. first, joe, jump in. i think i know what you're going to say. >> of course. you know what i'm going to sa whe is tualoo, alaba, t mo impoantl d't se nsaca, ion'teeort waon, ion't s panait beh, n the redneck riviera. >>mcclain. >> clai come on. lksike aownhere a buh ofip ps hg o and oke t orsomeing. >> youndhe way colrt illeme oday. it gre to e yo joe, and you know i visited pensacola a number of times and worked with them on making their city and helpingheirnstite a evythi there dng dn the. d ty'reoing good oridis beer. i spe t winr i ami, but it's got toin ve invest a little
8:24 am
in that technology, it's got to bring skills. huntsville ds eat. may not betuskawasoocaloa, b it doi gre at owin i economy. >> we have a cnceo gron thnext0, 3 4 yes. iferack t cod onn enerourc thasheap oughnd enomil engh at wcan proce i ocale and run the economy, you will see smaller college towns just like richard is talking about absolutely explode. insteadf somil tesn u udi abia o somatur gas fidsn pennlvan, yo wl tual he smaer clege wns across america research way tent withney, fod in from allcros the rld.
8:25 am
>>icha stee was to jp to t coersaon. michl? >> do. i fou thi wor ver interesting, and my question really goes to do you see this whol idea as being creative as itist? and en fmth, h aut gendficaon? es tsonno somind o genderfication? when i look at my hometown of d.c. whi was once mochity is n ceol how the f int ts creave oces he beereat debate on this. first of all, i open the book by saying every single human bei is creative and the key to tuinghisount arod is to ok tt cativ fnace in evyone whatakesmeri gat is crtivi doe't ce fr the to that the bgest mistake. the smartest kids i ever met
8:26 am
were back he in newark, new jersey or atherartsf n rsey obvisly was in c. for lo ti. m a big fan of go-go. i love go-go music. e thing we've seen aseopl get icedou the resrch suggts thaven wh gentrification, a teaerf mi sai wn a pceets t bong, en t rh pple ave. ian t geto th cies abro,ut firs richard wolf. >> you still seem to value small towns, ruralamera. at's t onogphy o caaigng iabt.
8:27 am
youee nionaolitians lkinabou the urb isss whe on the creative side sore the perrenial ier city ises? ,heayor get it. irite in e boo-t com om m vit t pensola. sat at t ble. opleere talng abo national politics and ripping each other's eyes out. >> exactly. >> the mayors were there. i couldn't tell who w a decratnd who was repuican >> t may ipret. i'just telng you the may ofensalasetty. he nic to lootnhe mirrnde's g reay w teeth. >> as joe knows, the key to huntsville, alabama is its proximity toswee, teesse th's kinfheillor fect wead b new aut s berndinoa lot o baruptes. w aryou elinabouthe capacity of local leadership to handle crisis? >> the cities that didn't build
8:28 am
theircreavitythat didt ildn tir ills tha thght ey cld bld an onomofhousg, fppin housg, i jus didtwork phnix,an beardi. i thk lol learshi i ts country is pretty good, but there's still gaps. going back to the previous point, we need new policy. we tend to view our cities as baet ces tteedelp a th're or. nd a poly tt vie the ci,long wh tecologand innotion andedatio our tiesnrban area the drivers are frustrated. >> let's close on the top cities abroad. amsterdam, stocolm. i uldn agr wityou mo. i s ju the. aming. heinkioxford. wow. >> i wrote this a long time ago in a washington monthly. th.s. b cpetion i't necearilcomi fro cha. that frolowe ge. th bigstity for talent is
8:29 am
coming from the torontos, the sydneys, the places in northern eupe that are growing their eati ecomy thaare wealier. d calgy, tk b pla that don oilnd natal sours wi edution ills cgarys n the richest community in america. >> the book is "the rise of the creative class," ricrd orid thks smu. nextow wl htory dge geoeh. sh? wel have that question when we come back.
8:30 am
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america is never wholly herself unless she is engedn hily morincie. we as a ppleaveuch a purpe toda iso me nderhe fe of the nation and gentler the face of the world. my friends, we have work to do. tt wa pside grge h.w.ush in his inaural adess janry o 89. d he witus w,diton
8:34 am
chf of paregazi, maggie murphy. the cover story of the new issue of parade entitled "family is wh matters" is a elusi coersaon wh forr priden grge w. bus a s.bu, wealloesn li to lklot, righ >> whadooax her io speaking. she was wonderfu president and mrs. bush consented to this iervi bad on owth i asd m, wt predents ing hav hisegac refurbished just in the way johnson has? he said geor h. wker bu, d i said l's sf we n get m fn tervw,nd ey s dow a iwas woerfu >> jn meham? >> whasurpsed u mo whe the tervw ca in? >> i think what surprised me was how much they interact as a couple, they're back and forth,
8:35 am
there's a lot of kding and jong. thin the psides as hule averye ys,nd i inkarba is sll tre yingyou ow,ou're too humble. you should speak more. so i think their banter as a upleas rllychming >>hat' nice e? ohn acha juary , 93 noby cld heooke foard t this day when perhaps the most beloved pubcgure is geoe h. bh aone-rm pridenwhos lacyrows b the nth? >> it does. >> why? >> i think because the things he did in realtime people see were in fact,ouraousnd t rit this to . and e d he d t bget de in 1990hat s man consvatis coinueo b
8:36 am
unppy abt, breingis pledge in 1988, saying, read my lips, no new taxes, and then ultimately he had to sa rea myhips'mhangg mvi. heid i bause hhougt wathe ght tng tdo an ifouead h diies,ou sethat he ew iealte that this could cost him the election. there are very few moments, as you know in presidential history where someone made caer kling decion entely sed priiple a whae thoutuldhaen. an y know as '91-'92 went on, he seemed out o touch a out o instam, t he s no ifact >>john l mdd t at, hn. u tabout the domticide it l'salk autorei pocy. geanstill believe today that they were unified only because george h.w. bush hanedhe vietnionndhe clapsf
8:37 am
e soet blo theay h di andl iith digtynd ace,nd he didn't do victory laps in 1992 despitehe fact that the soviet union had collapsed st the year before. he refed to tak cditt all,nd i kw thaad tbe maenin maie, te bri into it. his wife said he doesn't talk enough about hielf. conservativeand replica we sayg th samhingn 92. he'sayi tamehing toda he says iotoingotell histy. hiory ll g itrigh is ia manith enoous dignity and grace. and i think his relationship with bill clinton that he speaks out inhiss ll, a fiee a rivrys y cou haven thatcaaign and thihe frndsh is bridd, a i ink 's t mas cract thatas pple t spe abou him wh suc reverence and respect.
8:38 am
>> jonathan? >> talk a little bit mor about that fascinating relationship? at w it at bughthose two togeer? it e fa tha theren thateryxcluveub, oras theometng me to han at? >>o thi the ex-presidents club which i know predent into reay los thclub an ihink pside bus41 is mhateall culvate a ts pple t reayespe hi and ihink there is a relationship, mrs. bush says, that she this president clinton looks upon president bushs a fatr fire. d he cesnd he lls,nd com upo theouse a th speorhour i ink tresint respts- predentush respects president clinton's ability to talk forever, as we well know. >> it's clear they tal for hour aouldayha probly one thereat tngs abo esidt bu is smso be
8:39 am
a vy gd liener he's aays- ll,hat' rlly important point. joe asked why this reversal of judgment, and dignity and grace e he pt oit. orgeh.w. bh inot rfecmautheres kin of ainna rognion of his decency that's become more popular. >> absolutely. >> i love the quotes that the grandkids say andt's goingo bereat read of h holng e pas ofhis mazinn suay. chae stee, do u wao jumpin? >> do ualk about the bushes and the bush family. you've got president 41, , ff bhs govnor of pesylvia a probl caidat dowthe ad. are e buesloseo ameran dasti than say, the kennedys? both are new england families,
8:40 am
long histories in this country, but when you look at the dynacs o thi fami, h d you te em? w doou seehe ovehe loer crsefhiory? thatay b auestnorohn meacm asell. youkn,t's interesting being in kennebunkport, being a irish catholic whose parts cameere in58, conasti thbush, i ink at's tereinghen w talo th andcldre how aive the we, h resctfu they were of their grandparents, how active they were in their lives. i think there is a family dynamic here that rlly genetes s neraonal and thihey' rlly ae to cvey whaheir fily i aboufromeneriono neraon. jo ou ow,jo, back in the '90s and the first couple of years of this century, i spent a good b of tim witertaly jeb busut ao i w a mpai entsitheorg.
8:41 am
sh, was at a panama city event where theather introduced john, i believet wa and hwas teang up u alys hea t eressn th chacter ihatou'r ing en nody i loing. th t bues,hereas o partular ri, thi it s in pana ty, but when the bush boys got in the back of the president's limo and they were talking, a every time -- y can'be alo wh jeb bh f fi mines wre heoesn brg uphereatt m hs ev know an the h srts tking abo his dad. they would veer him away from thecree ey w ey rere m wh noby is loing,nd wt bter judgnt o a manhahatis ki hav tsay aboim when nobody is looking. >> that's absolutely true. in fact, the grandchildren do as well, and what's really interesting is bbara bus say
8:42 am
at t fami, becsef th poticali, t famy w awn csergeth. well, tre a twothgs, joe. you' ectlyrit. one is he was -- president bush was known as half-half when he was a kid because he would always- if he had a desst, he wld s havalf wit oeve hwas th. an he alwsaid h gates hievents his ks sll come home. >> yeah. that's a big one. >> your piece says family matters, and that's a huge part. >> what was really teresting, the day we were arring, e fit grt-grdchi was ere,nd tt wa theig evenof t da not pade. >>ou c rea the excsive tervw wiside bus d mrush i the sunday parade magazine. margaret murphy, thank you very much. coming up, new fallt thi morning fromp. moan's adin unbe bunessews withrian lliv is xt.
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7inut pas t ur. let'go t cnbc's brian sullivan. what's the lead story? jp morgan? >> yeah, here's the dealnow. mornomin o sing -- you ow tt lo? it's now bee upo 4.4 bilon d itould g up another 2.16 billion, but here's the news, jp morgan chase basically admitting thatne or mulpleeoplt the rm h eentily cke thoks. whatheyame o andaid was theyiscored teri wenessnd tt aareny soeopl we n auraty portg when recording their losses. in other words, they were fudging the numbers.
8:47 am
could there be another black eye r wa stet, rit? it'sridilous ll seet nee to getts a cleadpndhangthe bon stctur it'seallturng in sgra. >>briahenouombihis with the stuff coming out of london, how banks were cooking the books there, do you think we'll have another round of relato isssn bh sid of t lant? >> y kn, ihinkhey will butere' h thecanix it thway tonus suctu -- steni know the problem of people being paid if they make money, but here's the problem with the bonus structure. if you make aigancisky b and wi, y'reoingo get a t of mon atockrom th coany. if you me a rky bet aou lo, taxpars p ithe rm o bailout. so why wouldn't you make -- and nobody ever goes to jail. why not make these gigantic bets, right? all you might lose is yr job. you problyave eugh ney in t ba,anay, to le a bea in spai
8:48 am
theyeedo sto the risky bets. by the way, happy friday. >> right. happy friday the 13th up next, the brisharliament showwhate'reissi out o in big way. man:hedo y have ard, ke aight y id whe youe gog ? mawherer t wine ard, ke aight y id wtakeme. gog ? this is so off course.
8:49 am
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i'm murray morris.
8:52 am
>> thank you, mr. speaker. this governmt has a gat recooregenry fall the department is so pleased, you will vote for further rounofpplition andhe fuinf thniveitie inaudible ] >> the piece of legislation we're dealing with, the hse poed ttastight jus befo mnight toee tir rus, and i ilude the concentration cference and fld ofnsurcendtude loaninne paage. >> iis infu
8:53 am
it i infu >> hs speingo nobo. er ere,n the other side, you want that. we want politics let doit >>hater cgresan scboroh inks >> unext wh,f anhing diwe lrnday? wel be rig bac i on'tpendoney ongasone.
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i dot he tuseas. i m prablyoing to e gastation about once a month. drive around town all the time doing errands and never ever have to fill up gas in the city. i ry relyput s in mche vo. lastime was a g staon waabou..i uld y... two nthsgo. thlastime ient o th gastati st he be abt the mohs a. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. ♪
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it's time to talk about what we leaed today. at d youlear >> iearn tha stkhol is t onascitingityo sit,t's o of e mos crtiven th rl israel. the lines between being an honest trader a ming ney, th lin i in. iearn tha wheitt roey tlsis bain capital story, he's got a serious problem. >> i learned thaou he t make phycalan. andicha stee i shinon. >> lrnedhat t sysm re i the unid stes m not be that bad after all. that could be a lot of fun. >> no doubt about it. hey, guys, thanks so much for beg wi us day. reatppreate you
8:58 am
wahing >> isime f ornijo t n it' timor taily ndow wh le russert. have a great weekend, everybody. southern comfort. president obama hops over the pomac rometops i t balegrnd o virgia. wille deler new he for virgia o wil the pside nd tt vginis no f lovers? aches and bain. republicans push back hard on the lestampan i mney role in in capil. evybodho h rea the hit hitchhiker's guide to fantasy knows 32. find out what billlint h to s abo bai pita the tax ke a mu, mucmore od moing, everody. it's fray,uly, 2012. let's get to the first read of the morning with the obama and
8:59 am
romney campaign swapping bitter accusations about romney's cordt bn catal. the predent sat dn witn tervw toay ttroey's reco is fr me. >> do think a at disqualifies him, but i also think it's important if that's his main calngca, his bic emisshat'm mr.fiit on tconoecau i mad a lo o moy. i ink iisntiry propate loo at that record and see whether, in fact, his foc was creating bs. and sucssfuy didat, an whe y loo athe cord the arquesons ere. >>omneonties h unteatta in n adut thisornihich h uses obama's own words in the 2008 convention in denver against him. >> if y don hav any fsh ids,hen you usetale taicso sca

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